# Nuqtah VoxEdit Contest Get ready to unleash your creativity, as Nuqtah collaborates with The Sandbox and Sandsoft to bring you the Nuqtah VoxEdit Contest! It's time to channel your inner creativity and craft something extraordinary from Saudi culture. **Embrace Your Creativity by Promoting Incl`usion** Design a Saudi Cultured character asset using the VoxEdit software. Let your creative juices flow and construct the most awe-inspiring Saudi character imaginable. The metaverse is your stage. **Key Dates to Remember** Submissions open: February 11th 2024 Submissions Close: February 25th 2024 Announcement of Winners: March 4th 2024 at Leap **The Stakes are High:** **The Prizes**: A total of 3 LAND and 7 Avatars are up for grabs, distributed as follows: 1st Place: x 1 LAND 2nd Place: x 1 LAND 3rd Place: x 1 LAND 4th Place: x 1 Zeptolab Avatar 5th Place: x 1 Zeptolab Avatar 6th Place: x 1 Captain laserHawk Avatar 7th Place: x 1 Captain laserHawk Avatar 8th Place: x 1 Astory Avatar 9th Place: x 1 Astory Avatar 10th Place: x 1 Astory Avatar **The winning design will also have their characters minted and airdropped to 50 winners within the community and can be used as NPCs.**
**Contest Guidelines** To ensure fairness and clarity, participants must adhere to the VoxEdit Contest guidelines found [here](https://docs.sandbox.game/the-voxedit-academy/voxedit/voxedit-contests) . Please read and understand these guidelines before submitting your entry. In addition to that: - Low quality and spammed entries will be disqualified - Inappropriate content will be disqualified - Submissions must be self created - Entries must be created on the free to download VoxEdit Platform - Artists are permitted to submit only one design per entry
**Judging Criteria**: **- Culturally correct** : *worth double points*: Use items/visuals that represent Saudi Arabia (Headwear, clothing, accessories, etc..) **- Creativity**: How creative is your design based on the Saudi Arabian theme? **- Detail**: How much thought and detail was put in your design *All submissions will be judged using the above criteria by:* From The Sandbox: Sebastian Borget - Co Founder & COO Kelsei (Pandapops) - Manager official Sandboxgame Streams &VoxEdit From Nuqtah: Salwa Radwi - Founder & CEO Billal Yamak - Head of Marketing & Ops From Sandsoft Games: David Fernandez - CEO Jason Saunders - Head of Product at YOX
**First Time Using VoxEdit?** Don't worry, we've got you covered with a variety of resources to get you started: - Download [VoxEdit](https://www.sandbox.game/en/create/vox-edit/?r=BRfi9bS3OdLtnlW5wetMY_) - Access [VoxEdit Guides, Tutorial Videos & More](https://docs.sandbox.game/en/v/creators/voxedit/create-assets) - We recommend using [this template](https://docs.sandbox.game/the-voxedit-academy/templates/templates) to make your characters
**How to Submit Your Entry** Follow these steps to submit your masterpiece: 1. Fill out [this](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1tb7VdR61ZzIFdN0G-mFRNBROd8fvL1R0WqXtvK_98IY/edit) form and upload your files 2. Share your asset's GIF on Twitter, tagging @Its_Nuqtah and @TheSandboxGame. Include the hashtag #NuqtahVoxContest in your tweet Ready? Set. Create! Nuqtah supports and encourages the creative minds that will shape our virtual worlds. Join us in this thrilling contest and become part of a community that celebrates the culture in all of us!