Captivate your customers. Digital Collectibles for Customer Engagement. Powered by Blockchain.

Engage your customers with a revolutionary experience. Tokenized rewards for companies and creators. Digital gifting, points, leaderboards and badges.

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Nuqtah enables a new era of tools needed to maximize your customer engagement and management. One dashboard, same KPIs, better results, powered by blockchain.

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Past customer engagement mechanisms have become out of date, here are some examples of how our new ways work!
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One dashboard to track engage & manage your consumers needs
Transform Your Business with Nuqtah: Unify Loyalty Programs, Ticketing, and Engagement through NFTs
Tokenized Customer Profiling

Include the management of physical-digital asset binding, tracking, and ownership management of assets.

Engagement Campaigns

Excellent examples of customer engagement campaigns can motivate other businesses to find new ways to delight customers by aligning their service to their interests.

Ticketing / Token-Gating

The practice of limiting certain materials, perks, or access to those who own a certain cryptocurrency token, or NFT

Prestigious Gifting

You can easily reinforce relationships that lead to sales, renewals, and staff retention.

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Major cost reduction
New revenue streams
Higher LTV
Longer customer retention
Customized customer acquisitions
Cross promotional opportunities
Data driven insights
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When we say simplify, we mean it.
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