Blockchain for Governments: Asset Ownership, Security and Tokenization

Nuqtah is trusted by many governmental sectors In Saudi Arabia. The utilization of data tokenization can empower government agencies to exchange information without infringing on privacy rights, thus facilitating the consolidation of data for a more profound analytical understanding.

Our solutions

Empowering Governments with Blockchain Solutions

Most government data is trapped in isolated databases which limits insight extraction and distribution and this could often lead to legal challenges over varied privacy clauses.
The future of data tokenization is upon us

  • Blockchain and web3 consultancy
  • Sensitive data kept safe through tokenization
  • Ownership and security of any tokenized assets
  • Tokenize history and protect identities of a great nation
  • Global data available to share for regulatory purposes

Your trusted partner

Building Web3 Bridges for Global Investments and activations

Build a bridge with Nuqtah to deal with, government, web3 investors and enterprises from around the world.

Consider us as your trusted local partner who can help you activate your blockchain solutions and be your project manager on the ground.

Nuqtah's strengths lies in having already built relationships with stakeholders hence we understand the stakeholder's background and needs including:

  • Existing procedures to minimize time to take action
  • Business details in order to ensure that they get the utmost advantages
  • Frictionless execution using our existing know-how and understanding of stakeholders' needs
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