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Our team of experts have experience collaborating with sectors across the Saudi economy, from government, semi-government and any enterprise aspiring to join this fast moving industry.
Leveraging our years of expertise and passion in tech and blockchain services, we empower our clients to optimize processes, introduce new revenue streams, and enhance transparency and security. Our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of our clients across industries.
Driven by passion, our team embodies the spirit of our vocation in every endeavor.
  • Industry know how
  • Years of local and international experience
  • Access to our global network
  • Leaders in writing the history of Blockchain in Saudi
  • First Saudi licensed Blockchain infrastructure builder
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Nuqtah has become the eminent beacon of trust for a constellation of Saudi Arabia's most esteemed governmental entities, including the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Investment. Standing tall as the pioneering Blockchain trailblazers in the kingdom, we are not just participating in the Blockchain narrative of Saudi Arabia; we are authoring it. With a profound sense of pride, Nuqtah is consistently at the forefront representing Saudi Arabia on the international stage and cementing our legacy as ambassadors of Blockchain in the region.
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